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Dbz Tenkiachi 2


Here is the new trailer and my toughts on this game.


od...this game looks like it's gonna rock so hard...I saw at least two cinematic sequences in there, including Goku vs. Vegeta charging Vegeta with the Kaioken. I saw the SS Goku one-handed Kamehameha, and I think that's to recreate his final shot fired on Frieza, not sure though. The environs looks huge from what was shown, perfect for a true DBZ battle! I also love how cinematic special moves are back. They look so much better scripted like with Goku's Buu Saga Spirit Bomb than the old "fire 'em off like bazooka shells" crap. They were too easily dodged too.

I also noticed that you can adjust your swoop by leaning into a different direction. Definitely will come in handy when dodging energy blasts rather than crashing into them like a bull. I gotta tell ya', (and this is from someone who's had his share of disappointment from DBZ games), with all the gameplay features in this, I truly believe this will be just about the ultimate DBZ game. I honestly don't know how they'd further improve upon it unless they personalized the transformation sequences. That'd be the only thing I would want more. Otherwise, this game really DOES look...well...perfect...

The battle damaged Goku isnt all by the way, Goku will get 5 or 6 different alternate outfits, from what I saw that is confirmed so far is KingKai's outfit, Normal Gi (no symbol), BD without top orange shirt (only blue undershirt), BD with torn clothes and Goku with halo, I think there's one missing but either way thats an awesome selection of outfits.
Piccolo will get his cape, Krillin gets his Namek Saiyan armor and there are probably a lot more.

Something they also took into account, is eye-candy.
Finally there's some hair movment when flying or powering up, those little things add a lot to the game imo.

Story mode looks much more advanced, kind of like a combination of Budokai 1 (cut scenes), Budokai 3 (Flying around the world) and with an improved Budokai Tenkaichi.

The intro looks great too, kind of like BT's intro, cool action and stuff.

'll be awesome to play a DBZ game which starts us from the beginning, with Dragonball. I've gotten so tired of starting with Raditz as the bad guy. It'll be great for DBZ noobs to start respecting people's power levels and the history of the Dragonball series since the US at least was introduced to DBZ first with no background info on Dragonball. It'll be cool to see that Raditz is actually somewhat challenging. And with the long road of Dragonball through to the first SS trans, people will get a lot more respect for SS1 than they get anymore. I foresee we'll actually have to start working to get those trans skills in this game. And personally? I don't mind one bit. Really earning your status as a Super Saiyan the long way makes it all the more sweet.

The Playstation 2, and the Nintendo Wii. But assuming you might be buying and(or) renting the Playstation 2 version, like most people, i'll stick to those dates. The JP release date is an Oct. 5th, the US release date is Oct. 31st, and the EU release date is Oct. 27th. The US and EU release date still aren't set in stone, but they will be released anywhere between Oct. 17th and Nov. 1st.


Thats really cool. Thanks alot! I'm a huge Dragon Ball Z fan, and the previous DBZ Budokai games were pretty good although the gameplay wasn't fun, I got very bored, very fast... Bout I hope the new one rocks!!!


hey maybe if u have HL1 u can get an online DBZ gamego to http://www.esforces.com/ and get the 1.2.3 installer and install it. trust there will never be another game like this one


I have the DBZ tenkaichi 2 game and i have to say that it was the best DBZ game of all time, but i don't think i'll get DBZ T3 just cause its basically the same, they made big improvements on Tenkaichi 2 but its all the same on Tenkaichi 3, its more like a very small expansion pack rather than a whole new game and although it would be good on the wii i think it will be a bit of a disappointment on the ps2


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