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Hosting Credit Expire Message errors


Your Hosting Credits have Expired. You will need atleast 4 credits to UN-SUSPENDED your hosting Account. Account is UN-suspended only when a user has more than 3 hosting credits.there are many grammatical errors there, that's the message a user gets when he's in the negative credits.. it's contradictory and has errors.. might want to get that fixed


Coming from a negative hosting credits, it requires +4 to "trigger" the un-suspend script.But in the mean time if a mod moderates a member's post and falls below 3 credits, the hosting will not be un-suspended. It's a short and condensed version. But it makes sense.I don't know what your problem is, but I don't need a moderator of Xisto critiquing the forum itself on the shoutbox. Have some moderation and PM or post any typo or error issues. If this is related to your aggravation because of your huge negative hosting credit number, you would have known why OpaQue couldn't get to it as fast as you'd wanted to be if you paid closer attention to Alerts and Notices... or at least be active in the forum as a moderator should have been once in a while


lol I just got this message... :)I think there are a lot of mistakes in the "Hosting not suspended" messages... such as not having warnings about how the credits will reset to 2 despite how many you got before you got hosted. etc. We got too many people asking why they lost 68 credits when they had 70 before


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