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Should Students In School Show Pda's Public displays of affection


 I get what every bodies saying...

My code of conduct says nothing against the PDA. However, when one is relatively private AND it's after school... I still get called on it. After school my girlfriend gets picked up, so we wait out front for a while... Who's to say and why the hell do they need to say that it's totally wrong that I'm doing that?

I understand in hallways, I understand in class, I understand in classrooms or bathrooms or anywhere else totally secluded may lead to bad things, so I understand the restriction there as well.. However in front of the school, after school hours, it doesn't disturb class, it doesn't affect the learning environment in any manner... It just saves us from having to walk off campus to get a quick couple of kisses in.

They used the analogy "She's red and your blue, no purple... No PDA." I like challenging (and coming to a full understanding of) the rules, therefore I replied "So no holding hands?" I mean, a mother can kiss her son goodbye or hello, isn't that a Public Display of Affection, I understand it's platonic affection, still affection non-the-less. 

I also understand if one is getting handsy. Whereas hands are going PG+ places. But they show kissing (with tongue) in PG movies... And isn't (most) everyone in High school a teenager? (or a prodigy, whereas they know how that works anyway).

Bah, there are my views on it... Thanks for listening!

Email me any replies (probably never getting on here again): alienstunt@netscape.Net

-reply by alienstunt


I think that students SHOULD be allowed to makeout. But no one should be like taking there cloths off and other stuff. Its not lik ur hurting anyone by holding hands or kissing. It is dumb that teachers be tripping over that cause you know they did that with there girlfriend in school.


My school has went so far with PDA that we can't even give anyone high-fives or a pat on the back. Anyone that gets caught touching anyone in anyway automaticly gets a detention, with no warning. Today i actually got a detention for giving my best friend a high-five and running into someone in the hall way. its ridiculous!


Technically, through research, I have concluded that a school is not nesscessairly a public place therefore it would be impossible to have a PDA( Public Display of Affection) in a non-public place. Additionally, I also believe that PDAs in a school is an okay thing because giving students who are having a bad day, a better day, you are helping their grades and clinical studies show that a positive attitude is a live saving and life preseveing thing. In conclusion I do believe that PDAs in school are a good thing.


Recently, my boyfriend and I have been getting in trouble at school for trivial things, like a quick kiss goodbye or a comforting hug. The principal in one of our offices acted as if I'd brought a gun to school and called my mother. I promised I wouldn't kiss him at school anymore. Today, he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, and a teacher walked up to us and literally screamed at us, saying "Uh-uh, that is inappropriate to be kissing like that in the hallway!" I asked her what kind of kissing was so inappropriate. My boyfriend asked her why kissing on the cheek was bad. She walked away. It's getting to the point where I don't feel comfortable at school because of the way people react to the little things. When I was being harassed and bullied, they did nothing. But when I get a kiss on the cheek, I'm a horrible human being.


I THINK PDA IS OK. i love my boyfriend and he loves me, we only see eachother at school so he never gets to kiss me of hugg me, we hold hands all the time but we cant go anyfarther because of stupid school rules, i would like to get at least a goodbye kiss in the afternoon but i would get into big trouble with my teachers because they seam to watch our every move. if you ask me i say theachers need to back off and think about what it would have been like if they had to live by the same rules at school when they were kids."It's getting to the point where I don't feel comfortable at school because of the way people react to the little things. When I was being harassed and bullied, they did nothing. But when I get a kiss on the cheek, I'm a horrible human being." i agree, i was bullied in school all my life because i was different, it got so bad one time i balled my eyes out and ran out of the classroom and didnt come back. my theachers never cared and they never did anything about it, it is so stupid.


Tricky topic to be discussed upon, Many would say that PDA's are okay within a limit, but the limit to be determined contains the trickiest job,schools all over the world have different kinds of students----different on the basis of environment they are brought up in, cultural ethics etc. The individual nature of the student can't be ruled out and the conduct code of each school is also unique and at times can say a bit rigid,so the display of affection in public can be avoided if it is considered to be something offensive, for even if the person is really expressive, affection is necessarily to be felt, not to be displayed.


I don’t think school is a right place to any show public display of affection, particularly for higher schools. And as said we can’t define the limitations for PDAs, so it’s better to rule it out and to have a uniform conduct code, so that anyone can follow it to maintain the decorum of the institute especially for any Indian-based institutions.

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