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Background Shaded Grey On A Posting Whats up with that?


This posting: http://forums.xisto.com/topic/41498-big-3-vbulletin-vs-invision-power-board-vs-phpbb/
has a shaded background similar to a Tutorial which has not been approved. I reviewed the posting using the edit feature and there is not any bbcode in there to alter the background colour, so I am curious about how or why this one posting is peculiar in this regard.

The member is wappy, who has just recently had a 7 day ban. Does it have to do with his being 'reviewed'?


Yes. The member is under "moderator's preview"


In order to make this go away, and we should always, click the check box of this post and approve the post (bottom right mod's pull down menu).



NEVER, EVER use the moderator's preview function! It's bad enough we have hard time approving new tutorials, new banner/sig request and catching spams... do you think we have time to go through the entire forums and approve one individual's moderated posts? No.


I have been requesting but now I'm telling--DO NOT USE the moderator's preview function! Either ban from forum or pose longer post ban period.


Thank you


I never used it myself except once or twice, but the mod preview only worked with when post were needed instead of credits to get hosting account.


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