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Topics With "no Post Count" Is it neccessary?


I don't find that any topics with "No post count" is neccessary. First of all, that was used when moderators and admins where counting people's posts.... which doesn't matter anymore since the hosting credits system was introduced.Second, it's not consistent... some forums might say "Life Talk (No post count)" while others might be "Guest forum" then in the description "(no post count) This is the guest forum blah blah". It's difficult to know which one doesn't give post countAnd of course, some forums should have no post count, for example, the spam forum, the guest forum, and the hosting requests forum. But others like lifetalk and support-suggestions forum should have post count, since they are important posts that are useful to people and people even search for it. Putting a "no post count" restriction might limit people's interest in those forums. Previously, when post count mattered, forums who have "contributions" and images-only posts aren't encouraged and don't count towards posts. But with the hosting credits system, this shouldn't matter anymore...


There are a few places it should exist, such as the music lyrics area, also. Seeing as how even without the post count there, people still copy/paste lyrics. If we remove the "no post count" rule, I suggest we do not tell members. I know, mean. But think, people will think this means they can just spam spam spam, which isn't true. There'd be a lot of good coming from this, less complaining and confusing, but there'd be some bad to. Lots of spam, lots of reports, and lots of people complaining because they were warned.

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I still think that there should be no post count forums. However allowing post count might help build up more of a community.


I agree that the NO POST COUNT stickers should all be in one place (ie the topic title) and have the same formatting. It should read NO CREDIT COUNT as that would be more relevant to most newbies.


LIFE TALK originally was LIFE TALK (No Post Count) but the subforums are post count. Since members were not observant enough to notice that subforum are host credit and post counted section, I changed to just LIFE TALK with description of No Post Count.It's not that the forum isn't perfect... the members aren't perfect to utilize all sections correctly. The Vent section is used instead of debates... General Talk is used instead of Shools etc. They just don't bother to read the fine prints anymore.


lol it might be time to merge some forums...


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