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Beans With Netbeans does anyone know how to create beans with netBeans?


does anyone know how to create beans with netBeans5.5 beta? if iam honest i dont realy know what a bean is and how to use it but when i create a new JFrame Form there is a treeNode called "Beans" so i want to create a bean and then i hope i can drag and drop it into my Frame Form but the proplem is that i dont know how to create a bean Correctly i tryed it with:new File-->java gui forms-->BeanForm and as super class i used Canvas .but when i try to drag'n drop a someting from the "Component List" it just disapears and isnt shown in the DesignModusand i Tryed it with:new File-->JavaBean Object-->JavaBean Componentbut i cant see a design modus and the new Beans isnt shown in the "bean" tree nodedoes anybody know a good Tutorial how to build Beans with NetBeans or can me Explain how it works?


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