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Help Me About Post Nuke


hii....please help me about postnuke....I try to edit the site, so I opened their official site, but I still didn't know where Directory I must change the page????please everybody...help me!!!!


What type of help you need, i can't understand your question.What type of help you need to know???You want to edit PostNuke source files? or want to edit the layout ???Make it clear


Yea it would help if you were a bit more specific.Normally you would only edit nuke files when installing mods, & the read me files are normally pretty good & explain exactly what you should/shouldnt be playing with.Whatever you edit, I recommend you copy the original file to your desktop first. That way if you mess up you can just copy the original back. It's an awful lot easier than trying to undo edits manually.


sorry...I forget to write it....about the lay out please....and can I insert my own themes????sorry, But I'm new in Post Nuke!!!!!


Yep, your best best is to start with the subSilver theme files you have from the install & modify them to whatever you want. subSilver contains all the forum files too, so it should make life a bit easier.Remeber to back the files up first though...


There are many outstanding layouts available for postnuke from commercialvendors to freeware distributors. It is quite likely that these will meet yourserious design needs well, especially ones from the commercial vendors,some of whom even provide customization services.But if you are looking to start building your own theme from scratch, I'llstrongly recommend that you first take the smaller steps and modify anexisting theme. That way you'll develop a good understanding of howPostNuke achieves it's layouts.Once you are good at that, you can use that knowledge to create youroriginal themes from scratch. Have fun putting your photoshop skillsto test.All the best.


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