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Not Online Much.. busy lately, and will be most likely for a while


So school has started back up, and I just got a job. They expect me to work around 30 hours a week, which isn't bad really. I have all AP courses in school which give me a couple of hours homework a night. I have cross country to keep on, hoping to make it to state this year, and then I need/want to spend time with my girlfriend a couple of times a week, and we don't go to the same school. that leaves very little time for Xisto on my list of important things. i'll try to be on two hours a week, for what it's worth, but i may not even be able to be on that much. hopefully when things settle down i'll have more time for computer activities, but i really can't do much now.


Ok rejected! That's cool! We hope to still see you around . Take it easy, sounds like a really busy schedule.


Don't worry, dude. We'll take care of things when you're not around. Enjoy any free time you have, till you get used to things.


Do stop in whenever you can. 2 hours a week is better than no hours a week :DThanks for the update and I hope everything works out for the good.


Don't worry, everything will be fine.btw What AP courses are you taking?


this trimester i'm taking AP english 3, honors precal, AP physics, and AP psych. all with a more than moderate amount of homework.


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