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Question About Hosting is mp3 hosting allowed on trap17?


hello all,I am wondering is is hosting of mp3 files allowed on Xisto? P.s. Ofcourse all the files that I am willing to host are my own property, made,composed,recorded,mastered and mixed by me, what means that I am the author of songs...thanks in advance


i think if you will host your mp3's here in trap, this will cost a bunch of bandwith. I think admin wont allow this.. or i dunno... I guess so... and its ok coz its your real property.. Or I think you have your decision on how you will use your bandwith ...


As long as its legal (no warez) then it's ok. Just make sure you dont go over bandwidth or no-one can access anything on ur site!


Yeah, mp3 are hot and as a result, you lose your bandwidth very fast!Just take of this and good luck...Of course, they better be legal :)Googlue!


Ok, thanks all... i'll try to find some inexpencive solution for mp3's, and for now i'll upload just few of my songs...


I would think that file sharing of something you created wouldn't even have to be considered "legal"


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