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Delete These Accounts? from bugmenot.com

electriic ink

I found this username and password publically displayed on bugmenot.com. Thought it might be a security threat or something.


Username: kos@dailykos.com

MID: 11677




It's little bit funny.

Login with the free account passwords below to bypass compulsory registration.

Is registering for a forum such a secrecy these days? Is registering for a forum such a pain that they have to use the banned account? lol oooo they almost hacked into another's account... for what... just to read the board? Guest account can do that

Looks like this account was disabled by m^e at the beginning of this year.

So the question is, should we let them think they've hacked into our account? Or just get rid of the account? Either way, if they choose to create another one and post the user and password, it will be the same thing all over again.


The only way to get rid of this problem is to have bugmenot.com block Xisto from their site...

EDIT: LMAO! Ok, I went to their site, and they had a "Did this login work for you?" voting system. I clicked "NO" repeatedly and the logins just dissapeared... I guess after a number of votes, it either blocks me from viewing it, or just deletes it from the system! A great way to get rid of logins...

EDIT AGAIN: It's possible to report Xisto as a "community website", but I'm not sure if the admins want to.

Here's the link: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


This just means we're famous. <3


I guess it does...


but it shold be a secuirty concern though, i think we should be monitoring this site regaurdless if we ip block it.


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