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Computer Issues


Ya, 2 days home and my computer is already getting problems. I don't know what happened, but when I started up this morning the main screen (where it says "Gateway") looked a little green and matrixy. ANd it stuck there, no other error messages. So I just have to turn my computer off. Sometimes if I unplug my ethernet cable it'll boot up completely, sometimes I need it plugged in to boot completely. I'm not sure why at all. When it first booted I was going to do a virus scan, the most obvious thing right? I started, got 22 thousand files in, and I got an error. It said something like "Windows monitor(not sure the exact wordage) has stopped working, please reboot to fix this problem". And the screen got really big, like I had my resolution set to high. But I could still work it. About a minute later it shut itself down and rebooted.That's pretty much what was happening. It's working fine now but for how long, I don't know. Probably just because I'm not virus scanning . If anyone knows what's up I could use help fast please. Also, I might just have to take it in to the shop. So I don't know how long that'll take if I do.Responces please?


Be really fast, and take a screenshot to show us what you mean.


Well if the computer shuts down the screenshot would be pointless? Seeing as how a screenshot goes to your clipboard and your clipboard dumps when you shutdown.


Hmm, I have no idea, but I would suggest posting this ina different forum for most responses .


My computer is completely broken now. I'm using a friends. Erm, I believe I need a new video card, or motherboard. So I won't be on till I get one, sorry about that.


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