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1 person online. The clock on the screen is wrong, it's actually 10AM. One of the busiest times, I find. Maybe a holiday somewhere? I bet it's just me, worrying.


that's bound to happen every once in a while. but i would suppose it's not that often, and hopefully not something to be extremely worried about. i'd say the site was still active at that instant even with only one registered member online (you! ). 160 guests is still a lot for that particular time (as opposed to 140+ guests at the time of this post plus 6 registered members online)!


Yeah, this happens sometimes. Nothing to fret about, but I've always been surprised by the amount of members versus guests.


It has much more than what my forum has.... lol

electriic ink

You could've just come on a few seconds after some downtime. That would be a plausible and likely explanation and above that lots of people could be on holiday....


he he, that's quite normal for me sometimes. Infact you have better stats as you had 160 guests! But, there was one time when only 2 members were online and 3-4 guests! so all in all just 5-6 people!That normally happens when I am logged in around 1-3 PM Indian Standard Time.


I usually have only 5 to 6 members online when I am online...


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