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Spam Patrol - Update


I loved the idea of the Spam Patrol, when it was first thought up. It seems not much has been done by the group. The only member I ACTIVLY see on in Albus. And I still catch 4x the amount of spam/copys/ect then they're reporting.Back before I became a mod, I reported 10+ posts a day, I am recieving one every day or so from them. Is anyone else besides me getting the reports, because until I left for S.Dakota AD only sent them to me, as far as I knew. Who's getting the reports now?The main point is, the only person activly "patroling" the forum is AD and the mods, I never see MaineFish, the founder online.Anyone thinking maybe the spam patrol wasn't such a good idea?


Like most other members are, I knew that their "passion" for Xisto would dwindle eventually. Thus I created the honorary title instead of another moderating group like other members have asked (I won't name names).MaineFishing45 has been trying to swing certain views and services of Xisto towards his way but failed when I refused to endorse his own site. So that's that. I have granted their little click of Spam Patrols because it made them feel good and be part of Xisto community. However moderators and administrators of Xisto do not endorse one particular member or member's site. It is in best interest of Xisto that moderators and administrators remain neutral at all times. Therefore, I will keep their honorary title of Spam Patrol. However if they fail themselves by breaking Xisto forum rules they will be booted immediately.As far as REPORTS goes, OpaQue is still working on the new script. As you notice the forum is loading much faster than before. This is due to APC Cache control rather than using ZEND (according to OpaQue). Once everything is all set the Moderator Center will be reactivated and we'll all be able to manage spam. Before that I too am getting PM regarding spam topics 8+ a day. Keep it under control until we have most of our moderators come back to our forum.Thank you.


Well since I'm in S.Dakota I have minimual computer time, due to my grandma's..well, lets just say she doesn't trust me. So when I got a few reports I replyed to them, but I also asked they also be sent to another mod as well, just in case I was unable to handle it.(things aren't going so well in s.dakota...I might be coming home early infact.)


I rarely get a report from spam patrol these days, and MaineFishing45's activity has dwindled a lot since then. I can't wait until the report system is back up..Oh, and my grandparents have a lack of trust for me on computers too, they think I'll be looking at adult websites or something..pfft

electriic ink

Recently, I've never got a report from any of the spam patrol members. I thought the whole organization collapsed month(s) ago. Although I haven't been particuarly active over these past weeks with regards to posting, you would expect a report or two while I was online.


Last report:


Spam Posting, Jun 3 2006, 07:34 PM MaineFishing45

edit: I am mistaken. I just got a repot from rvalkass


I suppose it's all up to Buffalo, since he's the one who first initiated the spam patrol. It's not like I'd "like" to see it go, but if it's not working out, I don't see the point of it owning the title.


I'm getting a couple a day from various members, mostly AD, actually. I can't wait for the Mod Centre to be back...With the Summer being here in North America, and school being out right now, etc, I notice that there are new members and some of the older members are less active. Mods also. It is just how it works sometimes. It was fortunate (for the Forum ?) that I had lots of time last Winter and Spring to be extremely active , but this last month or so has gone the other way for me as I am busy at work, travelling, doing Yard Chores, etc. I really value this Forum and some days I wish I had more time to commit to it, but other aspects of my (our) lives need attention as well.The Membership, I assume are similar in that they have a life and their priorities are often re-arranged or re-stuctured according to their priorities, so, I suggest we keep the Spam Patrol active and see the direction it follows. Of course, the Mod Centre and Report button will soon be fixed and then we will be back on track...


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