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Chopped an online photoshop community


Hey, I recently finished my website. I'm using mambo portal and mercuryboard. It's all about photoshop and graphics design and tutorials and imaging and all of that good stuff. Head over to http://www.chopped.co.nr/ and see for yourself. Notice the Xisto banner . Anyways, post what you like about it, thanks.


Although the graphics ar nice, the template is the basic Mambo template. I think that since your site IS about designing, you create your own nice little template for the Mambo, it will add to the professional look .The Xisto banner is a great idea !Also, in terms of SEO, Google only spidered the domain: chopped.co.nr and it looks like it did not cache/spider any of the page further because the co.nr domains place your website in a frame, and the Googlebot isn't too friendly with the frames B)As a result, with co.ne domains, usually only the homepages are cached and the redirected sites are left out . What you should do is that try to change the settings of your co.nr domain so that the page is redirected rather than places in frames.Hope this helps!Wishing you and your site the best of luck B)Paul


lol, I know about the basic Mambo thing... I'm working on it... Also, thanks for the tip on redirection... I never knew that.


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