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Moderators And Admins Need To Read This Article Guidelines for using around here?


I found this in my travels over at the CSS Creator Forum in the Off-Topic Sub-forum.
This article is probably more important for their site, but it makes for a good read and has some good information on dealing with those members who seem to think this is a place to get everything done for them for the asking. (A couple of names come to mind around here)
The main premise is that we would be better to direct them to sources of information rather than hold their hands or do it for them. Not truly an equal comparison between their site and the Xisto, but an interesting perspective, all the same.


I think most of us are pretty good about assisting members, just read this to remind ourselves that the nture of certain members is what-it-is and here is one way to deal with them.


that is interesting article indeed "blah blah" :)But on one note though, its impossible to not to help a moron(noob) when the questions is obviously easy to answer. But I wold agree it hard to tell from what people post, but in this case we know how to seperate in them in this forum.


I thought that it was quite a funny article!


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