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Where's My Information Going? Awkward


This is wierd




My firewall is supposed to prevent my passwords from going into unauthorized domains. If you look at the screenshots you'll find that all the passwords I enter on antilost and my own site are all going to "plusone.trap17.com". I don't get why all the information is going to Johnny's site...


btw I locked this topic so that people don't wonder what it's about...


Here's any example of what it's supposed to display:



Possibly check your security level on your firewall, put it up higher. Maybe around medium+. If you don't want info sent there, block the ports.not sure what else man, sorry.


Well if you see the images I'm trying to log into the antilost forums. But for some reason, after I press submit, my firewall asks me if I can send my password to "plusone.trap17.com" instead of "antilost.com"...Yet, when I logged into ibscrewed.net, the password is sent to the correct domain...


That's odd o_O. I don't want to seem like my post is spam, so I'm writing more, but I wanted to add my input, and without spamming :|.I wonder what Johnny has to say about this..


He's probably going to sell my password lol jk!


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