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Signature Length What are the guidelines for length of signature


Along the lines of the topic posted by Elevenmil as an effort to stop short posts, I have a pet peeve about the length of signatures some members are using. I have an 800 x 640 monitor and some of the signatures take an entire screen (and more). I seem to recall that there are guidelines for the amount of signature space which Members are allowed, but can't seem to find them anywhere that I have looked.Could we get a clarification about what is acceptable for siggies, please and maybe start doing a clean-up on some of the worst offenders? I know that there are still a whole bunch of the membership which are on dial-up and it must slow their systems down considerably.I propose that any offenders are politley asked to reduce their signatures as per the "name sign-offs" we cracked down on last quarter and a warning issued if not reduced as requested. In our usual polite, yet firm, fashion, of course.


found it on board rules:



Avatars & Signatures (image removal - warning): Images of large

dimensions or file sizes are not allowed as they will interfere with the forum's layout or displaying performance (esp. with users on slower connections).


* Maximum signature dimensions: 590 pixels wide, 125 pixels high


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