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Flash As In Webchat


Well hi there,My site is about irc chat and now i would like to have a link on my site to my chatroom.Well ok, what is the problem then you might think, that's easy.java is easy ..... flash aahhh well not very good with flash yet.So here some questions about flash webchat:1 - What do i need to get flash webchat working ? 2 - Is it whise to use flash or should i stick to java ? (I like the flash graphics better)I hope you can help me....Well till we meet again

Deaths Aprentice

Do you want to combine this with your forums , or with your webpage?Also , are you hosting the channel ?


Yes I am the owner of the channel.What do you mean with combine this with your forums , or with your webpage?Still a rookie here ...if you can help me out now and then ....well the rookie would be very thankfull.


ok he ment. To you want to put it in your forum or site. Like do you want your flash chat to be intergrated in the forum.

like you can download http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ you can put it in phpnuke, ibp and other stuff.


I want to put it in my siteNever done anything like phpnuke, ibp and other stuff.I only have a siple site for now.Still learning about all the great thing a webdesigner should now.The more i learn the better i like making sites.i'll be pretty good in a year orso Just y wait and see


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