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Well with the current happenings with some of the mods like Becca, crag, NilC.and soon me, we should hire on a Temp Mod to maybe full mod position .Also anyone seen this member TestMod I havn't seen him/her moderate this board since I was a member <_<Of course recommendations and thoughts are always the first to post about before anything else happensFor My recommendationsTruefusionAvalonBesides there great contributions to the gfx forum especially these 2 excel in others areas of the forums and a great source of information, coding expertise and what not and helping out the members when they need it.


We could do a trial mod position.I suggest truefusion for this position. Whatever happened to pleno anyways? He's never here.Give truefusion a month training period or something, see if he's up for it, and them make him a full mod.Or possibly make 2 new mod groups.Full ModGeneral ModFull mod obvisiosly has access everywhere, and general mod has limited access. Once the general mod has gotten the feel of how things works, we can promote them. It'd be a better way of training people, instead of "just making them mod one day", like what happened with me. I was reporting posts, and one day, OpaQue made me mod. It took me about a week to get the feel of things. Something like this would be helpfull.


Both of these recommendations are good. True-fusion and Avalon. Let's keep a look out for others, too. What about Albus D? Maine will be losing his Laptop and is pretty young (immature might be the better word), yet. I could see Pleno doing alright, though. Tyssen would be a good Mod, too, but I know that he is also a 'guru' at css-creator, so probably would refuse this position. WindandWater is pretty new to this Forum, but is impressive in his posts and knowledge.Avalon wasn't too keen when I spoke to him about it once last Fall, so maybe he wouldn't accept the position?And I'm scheduled to go back to my Day-Job next week as well, so I won't be around nearly as much for the rest of the Summer and possibly through to December. I'll be here as often as I can be, but right now I am spending too many hours at this Computer. Between this Forum, learning PHP, and mysql, etc. Once I'm back to working 12 hour days within the next 6 weeks, I won't be here very much. Probably only an hour or two per night.I'm not certain that restricting the Mods to certain areas is a good thing, though. I think that if a Mod has been chosen correctly, there shouldn't be any limitations to their responsibilities. The Learning Curve is pretty much the same whether you work one or all the Sub-Forums, so I don't agree that the restriction is a valid reason for the learning period.Those are some of my thoughts.


testmod was created by OpaQue to test out the level security of the forum. And since he is in admin group, he wouldn't know if the changes in security level will affect mod group.The issue is this: for example Plenoptic. A member can be very dedicated in the beginning but as time goes by, you won't notice the member if he/she is still active in the forum or not. The key of having successful forum is having dedicated staff members. And I'm not saying you should spend X amount of hours here on the forum. No, we all have our lives to live... But I rather have a mod who is here for 30 minutes a day but is here at least everyday compare to a mod who is here 16 hours and never to be seen for next 4 weeks. I'm not referring to of our current staff members but you get my analogy. Consistancy is what I look for. A member can impress da hell out of me for few weeks and poof he/she is gone...then it was my mistake.Security is paramount, especially enlight of what happened recently to our forum, therefore giving a mod status is just like giving a key to the front door to your house.OpaQue does not want to "classify" who is higher and who is not. So he made it simple: all mods have the total control over the forum (global mod) but the admin group has one more access level--to the Admin Control Panel. So there won't be another group that can manage a specific areas of our forum and he is not planning on it in the future. I wanted GFX Crew to manage the graphics forum only and this was his response.


@kubi no only 1 mod position is needed due to the fact that at least 1 or 2 mods are on a day and at given at anytime 20-30 members in a 6-8 hour period are on as well.

On top of that its not that hard to spot someone breaking the rules here, and ever since opaque redesign the credit system are jobs have been made easier. Basically we just keep the peace here and thats about it.

Also on top of another fact the members new and old know how brutal we can get if and when something goes down and that we take care of the situation the moment it happens and taking care of the members as well.

But what buff mentioned security is a big priority especialy about this new sql injection that happen as well. Trust would be a big factor now when selecting members to mods, basically a member would have to well establish here in the forums, posting, helping out, solving problems and alll that good stuff that is required by everyone.

(side note: I must be tired cuz this doesn't make any sense to me so I might re edit this post later)


We might also need a "test user". This will help us test the different permissions that normal users have. For example, we could test the edit features. Since most of us have been moderators for a significantly long time, we might not know if any new IPB updates might affect user permissions. The same reason for administrators making moderator accounts... we just need to be able to test out accounts with less permissions in order to know how it will affect the forum's operation etc.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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