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Web Stats Problem? Havent had my web stats updated in a week


I keep an eye on my Web Stats on a fairly regular basis to catch 404 errors and trying to determine where my hits come from, etc. This entire last week is showing "zero" information for hits, pages, bandwidth, bot activity and yet there have been accesses to the site because I have been there myself. What's up with that?


you mean AWSTATS in CPANEL? Last update on 25 Apr 2006 - 05:55, just don't know why it got stuck there from the looks of it. maybe a server setting on a weekly update or something?


April 24th at 19:03 for mine. And isn't that GMT?, so about Noon my local time. That is 8 days ago.


you have an update on yours, jlhaslip? Last Update shows 05 May 2006 - 06:07 for me. counting from 25 Apr, that's 10 days before an update for me. Opaque/BuffaloHelp, could you confirm if it's a 10-day update period with regards to AwStats? there's a tech support post on this same issue here.


will advise them to wait for admin reply on this issue first.


I use webalizer sometimes, when the stats don't work. Usually I don't even check the stats. Perhaps you can try deleting the "cache" file in the "temp" folder?


I think there are thing which are wrong in Cpanel these days.Not just this Webstats problem but other things like Add-on domain for some other users too. I dont check the webstats from Cpanel as I've got Google Analytics to help me check the stats and also I used Performacing <_<so didnt come to know about the problem.


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