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Avoid Linking To [link Removed] - Moderators Please Look This has created serious problems to a site


I just recieved a mail from LINKREMOVED.com who are getting bombarded by people visiting the LINKREMOVED links which moderators post when removing links.

=========== Mail =================
You are using reference to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ in numerous places within
your forum. This is evaluated to linkremoved.com by IE installs (and
Here is one site example.

Don't use null either - as you'll find that place (null.com) exists too.
Probably best NOT to use ANY address.

Please remove references as this site has been identified as one
contributing to network issues amounting to DDOS.

Moderators, when ever you remove any link, make sure, your text saying "link removed" does not point to any site. Just delete the links. That is more than enough.

Thanks for your time.



okie dokie


lol the power of Xisto! Just because we're typing link removed, it actually is cached as a link?


Yeah I knew this would happen someday so I started to use <<removed>> as just my note to know that I removed it.


Be watchful on those URL tags. Remember that URL has two parts:

You must remove BOTH OF THEM, one after url= and in between bbcodes.


By the way, I would figure that site would "welcome" all those traffic... if I owned that site I wouldn't complain about people clicking to my site. In fact, I wonder how much that domain is for sale and OpaQue should purchase it and convert it to some kind of advertising source


'twas my mod edit, from the looks of it. but i don't see LIVE links from that given example or has it been "fixed" by others already? o_O wrong example, perhaps. anyway, i'm using [link removed] or nowadays, instead of a LIVE http:// link. likewise, BH, i wonder how a complaint can be lodged due that when traffic is being brought to them by "alleged" linkremoved links. my apologies however if i missed an edit of this kind from way back. noted for strict compliance, this time.


Amazing how Xisto can cause some domain farm company to start begging for "link removal" of their link... I mean, if you go to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/on firefox and Opera, it automatically sticks "www. and .com" in it... Proves that Xisto has as much power to DDoS a server!


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