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Username Issues without DISPLAY NAME HISTORY changes in record


registered member: UR RAVEN
membership profile: http://forums.xisto.com/user/22233-ur-raven/

i found this intriguing when the above user made shouts in the shoutbox: instead of his registered username "ur raven", his name appears in the shoutbox as "asswipe". i find it inappropriate to have that username splashed all over the shoutbox. his one topic he posted though appears in his registered username "ur raven", so there's no issue there.

now, i asked him if he made any changes to his username to appear as "asswipe" and he said he simply registered, and he doesn't seem to know anything how it changed. from the shoutbox with his "asswipe" name, it links to this profile: http://forums.xisto.com/user/22233-ur-raven/ --- which shows his registered username "ur raven". then i checked his DISPLAY NAME HISTORY in his profile, and there is no record of any changes so far.

is this an IPB issue or a shoutbox issue? aren't usernames for the forum and shoutbox interlinked as one?

i'm a little lost how a member is able to have a username different for the shoutbox, and then have another for the forum topic threads. i find no option anywhere to modify something to this effect by a member by himself. not even in my own member's profile (to see if i can change my username as a member too). from a previous topic i made, this seems to be an admin-only thing (like Piper_2051 (in shoutbox) is PIPER-4-HIRE (in forums), but with no record of name change). but if any changes has been made to a username, shouldn't it be appearing in the DISPLAY NAME HISTORY? how does it work anyway?

also, i don't think an admin made changes to ur raven's username, and approved it to "asswipe"?

now, he asked me though if i can simply delete his current account, and he was willing to register again. i just PMd admin BH though first, to look into his issue first, to sort this thing out. will wait for his feedback. any other feedback from other mods and admins are welcome too.


I am unsure if this is the shoutbox's limitation but the forum is designed to show the optional "display name" for this new version of IPB forum.


But the shoutbox is designed to show the forum "login name." So basically the shoutbox could show something totally different from the forum display name. I came across this issue serveral times when I as approving free hosting request applications.


Reguarding user ur raven: this user's login name is "asswipe" and I have PMed the member of this situation. The user's option is to change the forum login name of user's desire or within few days, it will be changed to ur raven.


from the forum registration page:


login name --> shoutbox

display name --> forums

(and for most of us, one single login/display name which is shown in both shoutbox & forums)


that solves the mystery then. thanks BH.


i have suggestions though, to be implemented in future forum changes:


* login/display name filter/blocklist during forum registration (for words like **bottom**, screw, f*ck, t*ts, etc.) --- or is this available already for current IPB system?

* integration of a single login/display name for future forum registrations??? i don't know your take on this, though. i'm thinking it's harder to tweak the whole forums this way.

* OR simply force the shoutbox to use display name instead. (this sounds easier, since there is just the shoutbox mod to be tweaked. the shoutbox is part of the forum, it should follow the forum display name and not the login name. just to be have uniformity, and in this case, changes can be easily tracked in the Display Name History.)


Sorta obvious, but wouldn't it be better to have the display name in the shoutbox, not the login name? After all, the login name is meant to protect the user, so that they wouldn't be hacked if the person knew their password (since they wouldn't have known the login name).


Please note the date of this post made.It looks like OpaQue has modified the Invision Board to only allowed to register with Login Name and only to show Login Name.This not only makes it easier for me to manage free web hosting account requests but it will be easier to identify any member with one singular name (instead of showing display name and login name).This change occured probably few days ago but I didn't get the chance to notify you all.Thank you.


Thank you for informing us


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