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Problem With Flash File In Ie6


Hi allSorry i posting here but i need to nowi work flash on my site in index.php i put one swf file but when i view my site with IE 6 it says this erre ::Your current security settings prohibit running activex contorols on this page , as a result , the page may not display correctly ?And now want to know how to fix it?thxx




thats SP2 for u

from what u had written i can tell you installed sp2(read *BLEEP*)

i can be 90 sure that the page is done correctly

but the *BLEEP* ie patch in the sp2 has to be configured to run activeX controls(fe. flash player ,shockwave etc.)


3 remedies of which the later is the best:

*1 configure IE

*2 uninstall sp2 and install sp1 with two patches for blaster and sasser exploits

*3 switch browsers to sth that is proffesional enough to be called a good product - fe firefox mozilla opera


take care


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