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Sad Or Funny?


Watched a commercial tonite that got my bile up!!! Then I had a laugh at it. A family was traveling, the kids hated the boredom, so they needed a DVD player in the back seat. The parents were welcoming that fact. Was it the fact that the parents could not control the kids(mother was hit in the head with a pillow)? Was it the kids fault for being bored? Do the parents not relate too the kids on a trip? Do the kids not relate to the opportunity or wonder of the trip or time with their parents? I have a simple mind, so I laughed at the commercial. I fight with my kids on 8 hour trips, but we always have the goal in mind. They have learned to wonder at more than their own need of entertainment VIA tech in the back seat. They see wonders that many never see on the road( every other weekend). Even wonders in their hard nosed father, which amazes many, during their trips. We have family problems, but they are solved in house and my kids get to witness the wonders beyond dvd's on our trips. I would put up with more junk than these commercials do to have my kids see what they do. I do not have too though. Even city kids love the time as a family. My 10 year old has brought straglers along that have more awe than my own life and blood do for the wilds. These kids cannot get enough of this great experience.


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