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Webriddler How good are you at riddling?




What is WebRiddler?


Web Riddler is one of the Internet's only forum riddles. Basically you will begin on Phase 1 where you will have to find the correct password to advance. When you advance to new phases, you may gain access to new forums or be added to new user groups. Most of the riddles/puzzles give you clues as to working out a password for a given forum, however this is not always the case. For example, some phases are simply clues as to where to find the next one. I hope you all enjoy this site and can get as far as possible. Good luck!


Everybody should check it out, it is a fun forum and i myself have made it through 75 phases, stuck with a few riddlers on the 76th riddle the highest riddle there is. Some of these riddles are very easy as others are quite hard, none the less they are still fun. Interact with fellow riddlers on the way to make it more entertaining.


That is actually pretty cool I will probably try it out later when I have the time You must be addicted to that riddle system to get to the 76th riddle O_O I will have to add it to my bookmarks.


Yeah i have got pretty addicted to it, tis quite a fun site once you figure out what to do and once you start getting good at them. But the phase im on is near impossible, nearly got it.. i think...


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