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Battle Of The Sakuras! Your Votes Count! Which Sakura is better?


I think I'll go with Haruno Sakura coz I like Naruto more than CCS.But Sakura's kinda crazy over Sasuke...and doesn't fight much...Kinomoto Sakura...? Not really. To me, at least. She's kinda 'sissy' (SORRY!)and 'pathetic' (SORRY AGAIN!) and falls in love at such a young age. (Sure, there's nothing wrong with that but it's a bit too young) =.=" = cool guy ~woah~ = geez... (sigh) Kids....

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y'know, there are more sakura's then just naruto and ccs. There's an anime called sakura XDDDanyways, dispite the fact that I hate Haruno sakura so much because she's annoying and doesn't do anything to help the plot what so ever, I have kinomoto sakura even more XD. And plus, Sakura can fight and she fought Sasori so I guess that makes her awesome. And Kinomoto Sakura is just...annoying. I don't know why, maybe because she's too popular. I usually hate the main characters anyways =P


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