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Billboards In Space?


Would it really be worth it for the companies? If I was CEO of Coka Cola, or McDonalds, I would rather spend the money it would take to put one billboard in space on one thousand billboards on the road. We've already made a mess of our planet, and now its going to reach out to space too. I'm glad that its the US government that is the first to oppose advertising in space, because they have a lot of influence in the grand scheme of things.


I promise you I felt a bit of nausea as I read that post. I could never ever imagine anything worse advertising or American wise. Sorry to say that but you have to admit that it does have United States of America written all over it- Looking up and seeing a pepsi logo. Imagine how terrible that would be, looking up and saying "well that's where the Southern Cross used to be but we can only see it from between four am and six am due to that large Coca Cola sign. It would be absolutely awful and should definately be illegal for a number of reasons. One of my reasons would be that the fact that it blatently invades the privacy of the average human being. If you want to just relax you should not be allowed to be bombarded by advertising, something that is already done to us with the irritating phone calls wanting you to get a subscription to some magazine that already has a ridiculous circulation. But with that at least you could argue that you have the option of not purchasing or using a phone, as it is a commercial service and upon the purchase and service use of the phone you receive what is seems to be a compulsory "benefit"- telephone advertising. But when it comes to looking at the sky we have absolutely no option, it's there, whether we like it or not. No matter where we go, or what we do, if we're outside(or even in a building) and look up, or out the window and seeing a pepsi advertisment is a blatent invasion of privacy. In a world where we have already, and continue, to screw up so much can't we at least leave some things pure- because at the rate we're going, it seems pretty much as if sooner or later advertising company's will be teaching birds jingles- it sounds pretty overboard and extreme, but I would never have guessed that people were even contemplating overrunning the sky and I personally don't think it will be allowed to happen, at least I hope!

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