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I am going to post a recipe here for the ones with a sweet tooth.

I am also giving away some national secrets. :D

It is rare because, the only two places, as far as I know, where you can get those are Flanders, and maybe some parts of the Netherlands.

The fun element is because you will not find them in any shop, any bakery, any supermarket, the only place where you will find them is at the funfair.

Now, as for the name, I have never found a translation for it, maybe because they are so regional. They are called "oliebollen", the only thing I could offer would be a literal translation, which would be "oil balls", which doesn't really has a nice ring to it, does it?


Some people would say they are something like a doughnut, well, I would not really compare them to that, they are much more moist inside and crispy on the outside.

The best thing is, they are not expensive to make, don't take a lot of time and there is not a lot that goes into them.

Here we go:


a sieve, an ice-cream scoop, a chip fryer


25 gr of butter

25 cl of milk

15 gr of yeast

200 gr of sieved flour

1 egg


icing sugar



Make sure the milk, butter and egg are at room temperature.

Weigh all ingredients carefully.

Take a large mixing bowl and sieve the flour into it, this will avoid small lumps in your dough.

Crumble the fresh yeast into a measuring cup and add the right amount of milk. (Important: If you use dried rather than fres yeast, use half of the amount of yeast).

Stir the mix with a whisk, so the yeast dissolves into the milk.

Put a little pan on a low fire and melt the butter.

Pour the milk and yeast mix into the flour and mix thoroughly with a whisk.

Break the egg and separate the egg and the yolk.

Use a degreased mixing bowl and whisk the egg white to a firm foam.

(If needed you can always degrease the bowl beforehand with a bit of lemon juice, but that should not be necessary with a clean bowl).

Optional but funny: A good way to test if your egg white has been beaten sufficientle (especially recommended for bald men) is to hold the bowl upside-down over your head. If the foam stays where it is, WELL DONE! If you have to go to the bathroom to wash you hair/head, TOUGH! You' ve been unlucky. ?

Stir the egg white into the dough.

If the dough is too tight, you can add a little dash of milk.

Put a pinch of salt in the dough and stir it in, if you like a sweeter dough, ad some sugar.

(I personally would not recommend that, see the end)/

Preheat the chip fryer to 180-190º.

Take some of the dough into your ice-cream scoop and let it drop into the chip fryer in one go.

Don't bake too many balls at once, so they don't stick together, the amount to do at once depends on the size of your chip fryer.

Bake the balls golden brown and turn them over once during baking.

Put a napkin or a piece of kitchen paper in a serving tray and let the balls drain for a little while.

Sprinkle the bass with generous amounts of icing sugar (either with a sieve or one of those big salt pots).

No, go grab them.


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