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And the story goes on.

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After what I posted here before in "Living on thin air, thanks DWP", it seems like they (the authorities) still haven't got enough.

After they stopped my allowance, I was told to apply for Universal Credit, a new system which gets a lot of criticism all over the country, not only from John Public, but also from politicians.

Anyway, wince there was no alternative at this time, we applied for it and had to go through a whole series of what I would normally call "formalities", but formalities which cost us a lot of money such as transport getting to the doctor for getting new fit notes about my condition, while everything is already on the system with the DWP, but no, the want you to do it all again, transport expenses to go to interviews and meetings at the DWP office, which they don't even reimburse you, as if you have money to burn.


Then these people also want you to verify your residency, in other words, they want to see if you have enough rights to live in the UK.

Come on!!!!! I have been in the country for 25 years this year, I have providedpeople with an education for many years, and once again, they have had all my details on record for all those years, there has never been a single problem, so why would ther be one now?

Even the doctor was furious when he heard about it all when we went to him for our fit notes.


Anyway, I went to my meeting, took all the required documents with me, they were all checked and then scanned to be put on their sys tem.

I answered all the questions they asked me and gave them all the information they required.


At the end of the interview (which took a hell of a long time), the lady said to me "That's all done, now this has to go to the decision maker who will then decide whether your claim is accepted or rejected.

When I asked how long that was going to take the lady said "About two weeks".

HELOOO-OOOO? We have been without income for eight weeks now, and now that we have handed in all the paperwork, proven our residence (my wife even holds a British passport and we have been married for nearly 33 years), we still have to wait before we can even ask them for an advanced payment.


I don't even have any idea where we are going to get any help from at the moment, we will try Social Services.

No wonder there are people with a perfect British accent living on the streets, while there are people hiding in a lorry in France or Belgium, and if they manage to make it into this country they get all the need, hardly any questions asked.

Well, I am glad I got through that one without swearing.


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