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Hi everyone.

I would like to share something here for the people who are into music, hobyists and professionals alike.

I want to introduce a program called Musescore, which cannot only be helpful to composers, arrangers and music copyists for doing their jobs, but which also produces highly professional looking scores, ready to be printed.

The best thing of all, it is completely and 100% free.

There are of course lots of similar programs available, eg. Sibelius, but that will set you back many hundreds of Pounds/Dollars/Euros, while Musescore does not even lag that far behind when it comes to quality.

First of all, you see what you ar doing on screen at any time, you can also hear everything in real-time, as there is a built-in synthesizer, which works with soundfonts, and there are lots of these freely available on the Internet.

Of course, Musescore also comes with some pre-loaded soundfonts.


There are also some different music font styles, like classical styles, jazz styles, and that will probably expand in the future too.

Musescore also has a forum where yo can ask all your questions and you usually have an answer in as good as no time, the good thing is, you can reach the support pages straight from within the program.


On top of that, you can also download ready made scores fro one of the parts of their website and there are some very good ones among them.

The program is also able to deal with MIDI files, MP3 files, PDF files and to export all the parts of your score separately.


One thing, though: at the moment there are still two versions available, version 2.3.2 and the more advanced 3.0.1.

I have kept both versions at the moment for the simple reason that version 3 can open version 2 files with no problem, but not the other way round, so I kep both just in case I have to exchange files with people who are still on version 2.

The programs are available for Windows 32 and 64 bit, Mac and Linux.

They can all be downloaded from this place: https://musescore.org/en/download

I will add some screenshots to show what the program is capable of.

Anyone interested, have fun!

Any questions before you use Musescore support: Fire awy!

By the way: I have no affiliation with Musescore whatsoever.



Zwetende Georges Debruyne.pdf

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I am a very passionate music person and I usually listen to music above spotify after every hour of my stressful study.

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