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To My Heart Broken Sister - A Letter Of Love & Support

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**sighs** Seeing all the youngsters growing up and getting their hearts broken is so very normal yet so very painful :( .. One of my youngest sisters has gone ahead and had her heart broken very terribly...


Dearest darling,


My darling, where do I begin? I write to you because I know it is still premature to be speaking about your broken heart. But time waits for nothing, not even for kindness, so I write to you with the intent of retaining a piece of me for you to hold onto when the time is right.


It seems like forever since you showed me the shattered pieces of your heart. You asked me with an aching soul & tear filled eyes "Why?" , a question I cannot answer for you; a question I have asked myself many times. Seeing you shattered dear pea was a terrible thing.


I felt undone as I held you close to me, repeatedly telling your disbelieving mind you'd persevere. You questioned my comfort and rejected my compassion, I felt your pain, my little bird, I did not mean to patronize.. I wish I could show you my own heart, how it has been glued all over so many times before. Instead I held you in silence feeling your sobs until you could sob no more. Sparrow, do you remember me holding you tightly against me? At those moments, I'd hope you could hear my heart beating for you... I'd hope in stony silence that you'd live for me if not for him.


I watched you sleep, sitting by your side ready to help whether you asked or not. I've lost count over the time I peeked into the box filled with all the pieces of your heart and all the love in the world.


There were times, I lost my patience; I know you were hurt when I bared my teeth at you like the rest but little girl, I assure you my dear that it wasn't out of anger. My frustration lay in the fact that I could still see you bloom without your sun, even when you did not.


Darling sister, I remember the day you lost your sun, watching you wilt and waste yourself as you pined for your sun. in your darkest moments, I'd see you holding your heart filled box tempted to throw it in the ocean.


I would sit angry for I could still see your sun rise and set for all that he loved. I fumed over the fact that he failed to fight for the one that loved him the most. I wished at those times for a chance, a chance that would allow me to destroy him, show him the despair and misery he has grown in you.


My body trembled with rage seeing his callousness, I will not lie, I was tempted to show you my displeasure, convince you that he was not worth your love or your forgiveness. But it isn't easy to pick sides...


I can feel his pain at times, understand that he didn't mean to betray you on purpose. I know he still loves you and hopes that you'd find happiness. I can see that he is sorry about hurting you my dearest but he does not see what I see.


He is saved from seeing you wilt, seeing your daily struggle despite your brave front and hollow smiles. You act as if a huge weight has been lifted off you but I see you numb. I see how bitter you have become after you lost faith in love. I can see your empty eyes, opening your mouth to speak only to shut yourself from the world...


Seeing your shattered heart, I am tempted to glue it back for you so that you'd allow beauty back in your life, Release all those boxed emotions. But I stop myself knowing that this is your process, you take your time, my little babe, you know your heart best.


I will fight for you when he didn't. Live for you even if he won't. No misery or suffering can drown you because I will rescue you each time. I know how hard your path back to happiness it, you have me through all your aches, fears and tears.


I have been where you are, and as alone as I was, you will never be alone. I will be there by your side whether you still hold a torch for him or decide to move on. Until the day you need me no more, I will be your guiding light, your confidante and your loving sister.



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