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[gta] Toreno's Last Day To Live! If this is in the incorrect forum, please move. :)

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Ok, so I was doing the mission "Toreno's last Flight" so I decided to call this topic "Mike Toreno's last day to live!". I killed him (finally) and his Helicopter, unfortunately for him and his friends they did not survive the destruction of their Helicopter. :)I used that Headseeking Rocket launcher and launched 4 rockets at the Helicopter on the freeway, but they missed them, instead it hit the lamp post. :( So I followed and launched 4 rockets again down at the Country-Side and got them! I took a picture with the Camera of the Helicopter, with Mike, and his shooters dead, I checked the folder and looked, but I forgot to press L1 (PS2 controller), I pressed O (Circle) instead. :( It was so strange how they landed though. :DDo you guys/girls have any pictures of the "Toreno's Last Flight" mission? Why not post them in here? :)-Sky

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