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Some time ago somebody thought it seemed a good idea to unite 2 post to host websites. Astahost was a forum mainly aiming at technical issues with especially internet and computer related content. Knowledgesutra was more a forum to discuss spiritual and society related topics. Since the junction the new forum suffers from a lot of issues. A first analysis says the databases of the two fora were too big to unite. A second analysis tells the solution of 1 problem results in 2 other issues. This leads to the assumption one way to rescue the forum depends of the existence of the two former databases of the two former websites. If the two seperate databases still exist it might be possible to restore the two seperate websites. Each website will have its own forum back again.  It seems the only reasonable solution of the forum is the return of 2 independent websites with each a different forum. And maybe it is a relief to accept the issues are too complicated. One acceptable solution might be to start all over again with 2 brand new websites. Each fresh website can have its own clean forum. The old part of the forum can kept seperately as an archief or as a lively third website with known issues and complications, the other 2 websites wont have.


The permission issues are fixed now. All the posts are readable, so the concept of the unified forum remains acceptable. All the gaming posts are in the gaming section, and all the technical posts are in the tech section. And please feel free to post anywhere you wish!