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Adobe Acrobat XI End of Support

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End of support means that Adobe no longer provides technical support, including product and/or security updates, for all derivatives of a product or product version (localized versions, minor upgrades, operating systems, dot and double-dot releases, and connector products).

What will you do when Adobe ends support for Adobe® Acrobat® XI? Here you can vote your oponion and join the contest. https://pdf.wondershare.com/acrobat-end-of-support.html


Hi, Maggie, welcome aboard.

I have a small question. Are you currently using Adobe Acrobat XI ? And next question is : are you paying support for that ?

End-of-support is a normal part in the lifecycle of a software. As long a software is supported, if a bug is found, it is repaired. When the new version of the software arrives, you shold not buy the old version, you should buy the new one. And a moment arrives, when the old version has no more support, all the efforts from producer side are devoted to the new version. And obviously, Adobe is pushing his customers toward Adobe Acrobat pro DC.

So, I would say, if you are currently using Acrobat XI on your computer and are satisfied with it, please keep going that way. However, if you buy a brand new computer, don't buy the old software, buy the current version! Or at least try the free trial version, in order to check that it still meets your current needs.

However, if you buy a new computer, you should not buy the old version of Adobe Acrobat, you should rather buy the new one, or at least download the trial version in order to check that it still meets your current needs.

And, of course, as suggested by Wondershare people in the link you mention, check the competitor's solution in order to see if it works for your own usage, and if the price/performance ration is satisfying.

And, finally, a little bit of philosophy : unfortunately most of "old" softwares do not run correctly on new computers, so we always have to buy the newest version of each software in order to use it on a new computer. It's really a pity to have to throw away all our old softwares. Does somebody remember Excel 4 or Windows 1.1 ?