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Detecting ransomwares with malewarebytes ?

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How can we be sure that a given personal system is free from malewares or ransomwares ?

For instance, malewarebytes claim that they can detect ransomwares, did you detect one with this tool ?




OK, I have a partly answer. The signatures are not displayed on virustotal. Nobody says how to make a diagnostic.


By the way, this topic should not be here, why did I decide to write this in that subforum?


The only correct way is - use a good browser (keep it updated all time). do not download unknown attachments from unknown sources. Do not download software from un-authorised sources.  Use only genuine usb products. And the list may go on.... but the things i have mentioned should keep your device 99% safe :)


That's the best-practice behaviour. However, a lot of legit sites have ads which open windows with unwanted contents... And my real problem is detecting, when for instance a Win10 PC has a strange behavior, how can we know if it's the reason is the normal unwanted Windows telemetry or Windows software optimizer, or a malware using your PC as a slave for an unwanted goal.

If I want to help people administrating their computer, I should know how to detect this kind of intrusions.