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I'm going to build an Offline Forum Editor

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I need to solve the problem I am having with how hard it is to write formatted content here. It is the biggest reason why it is difficult to post amazing content because I can not work on here as quickly as I would like.

So, I am going to build an Offline Forum Editor for desktop and mobile where I can work on my topics and post them when they are completed. I had planned this for ages but I am now fully motivated to do this.

I may build it specifically for here but it could end up being generic for any type of forum. I am not a big fan of IPS since they are not open source but I won't let that stop me.

How long will it take me? I do not know, it has to be developed in my spare time and even that is quite sparse at times.

This will all be revealed on my github when I am happy with a first release.


Some years ago, it was possible to write down a topic using Microsoft Word, and copy-paste from the word window. I found this very useful, and loved it as long as it worked.


Support for MS Word is increased hell lot... I have worked with the posts in the database since IPS 2.0 and their support for formatted content has improved. 

I still do not understand the point of MC. We can have a feature on forum, "Do not Publish" and it will let the user work on the article till convinced it is ready to publish. I believe that's a simpler approach. Soon or later, This feature will be very common in all forum platforms. My suggestion is, You could use your time elsewhere :)

I am thinking of an idea to make "free hosting" safely possible... without asking members to post. But host-to-post members are very good hosting clients. no-host-directly-free-host = 1000x registrations of which only 2 to 5% will be genuine accounts.

At stage 1, I want to give domain/freeuser (with lots of limits and restrictions)

At stage 2, I want to give freeuser.domain.com (with reduced no. of limits & restrictions)

At stage 3, I lower the limits... like allowing PHP mail() and POP mails... removing PHP limits...

At Stage 4, so on... n so forth..



We can have a feature on forum, "Do not Publish" and it will let the user work on the article till convinced

This would be great, and would be enough for people like myself, the member uses notepad on his PC and puts it on the forum and clicks "do not publish right now, keep it invisible util I'm satisfied".

And I love the stage 1, stage2, 3, 4 method, seems very promissing.

Maybe stage1 could be like qupis some monthes ago ? :huh: