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So i thought, after a few days with no posts that i'd kick this off with seeing what everybody thought of the new forum. All be it not been finished yet, or from what I understand anyway.

I personally like it and am, however, hoping some of the hidden content comes back and a wider range of topics, such as were on the older Forum. Lets the discussion commence.


I like the simple look, it works good on my phone which in this day and age is a must have. For this forum, I am wanting less categories, less sub-forums and just an ever moving discussion place. All worthy topics however may end up in a featured forum of their own to get the recognition they need.

As for the hidden content. I may bring back a lot of the popular content and even may rewrite my old posts to an updated state.  My main view for this place is to get our community back when it use to thrive and starting fresh may help us gain them back. People are a lot busier as the years go by and the old members had to shift with time. If I remember correctly, we have been around since 2004 and I had witness the ups and downs of this place and we can not change the shifts but we maybe able to get newer members to continue where others had left it.

It would be good to get your opinion on what you like to see and what you are interested in. Even if we can keep one lifetime member who can help this place grow in their time here is fantastic. It is after all going to be built in the vision of our members.


I agree completely about the simple layout and access on mobile devices. There was some good reading and "How To" guides on the old forum but by far too many categories. Did need cutting down. But some of the guides were very useful. I suggest we use this for what it is. A fresh start. Ive been a member a long time with several log ins over the years and was a member of the Graphics crew when i was younger. I'll be happy to help or contribute however i can but as a fresh start we need to appeal to new members and old ones alike.


If i can be of any help with anything just let me know or drop me a PM.


Hello my friends. Here I am again in this fantastic site. I was trying to search a domain name in GD this morning and instantly all the memories about Trap17, Astahost and Knowledgesutra came to my head. Oh those wonderful days when I spent almost 8 hours reading and posting in those forums. I can´t remember why I stopped. Maybe the college´s obligations, maybe. But I came back a few times but it wasn´t the same. 

I have visited almost ten times the Xisto page and I had only find a broken link to the forum. I had thougth THIS IS THE END. But what a surprise is to be here again in the forum. I feel really happy. And I AM THINKING rigth now that we can´t lose this opportunity.

Internet is not the same anymore. People like me are much older, have to work, and maybe we have to be disconnected from internet a good amount of time because we have other people under ours responsibility. I am a father now, I don´t know if you too.

But I will do everything in my power to help this project to come back because I need it. This is the only place in all the internet where I found interesting information provided to me by interesting and intelligent people. I have no place in all the internet or the real world where I can have a conversation or discussion where all the people involved in it earn and share knowledge.

So, answering to your question God-of-Earth I feel very happy rigth now. I desired complete success to the forum return and I will do my part of course.





Thanks, fermin25, nice to see you back! :)