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How To Get Astahost Back On Track

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The title really says it's all.How do we get Xisto back on track, how do we start getting more people back here without doing it unsolicitedly (spamming).Astahost has remained looking the same for quite a long time, the forum needs a little bit of work to fix the forums up and the main page advertising Xisto and what Xisto is all about, definitely needs work on to bring it up to modern day, using modern technology. Right now that page just looks over cramped and I can't even make sense of it as it's too much info squashed into one page.So for the forums, since this can slowly be tackled a lot quicker than a site redesign.I know for starters the best way to do this is to start writing content that is quite recent, what people want to know and need to learn.I have a few topics I would like to start adding, heaps of guides I would like to share but really I need a BBCode Editor, or a Forum like editor. So that I can write it all out first, formatted how I want it and then post it to this bored, but I am having trouble finding such a editor.Previously when I wrote guides, it was using the normal posting, straight formatting and editting in the post but this is also a reason why I slowly stopped posting because it's too troublesome, I get side tracked with daily life and never get round to posting them because it would either be done in parts where I don't like sharing half finished information or I had to constantly keep going back and checking my writing just to ensure it was correct and simple to understand.Things I'm about to embark on and which I want to share my experience with is installing Fedora 18, which was released 15 Jan which I have just acquired a second hand computer to trial this installation on and I would like to basically share everything I do to get a linux based operating system up and how I configure it. I have never written a complete guide on how I've set my computer up from start to end, some of it is user preference but most of the things I do on here, is what people are looking for and what they would need to help them switch over from Windows. The only thing I can't help them with is gaming, but I may suggest a few popular linux games that may grab their attention.Other posts I want to start sharing is HTML5 and CSS3 especially for mobile and internet ready devices, as this is the way towards the future and the more information we can add to this the more likely we will gather people from search engines, especially since HTML5 isn't even finalised yet so when it does get to that stage, we should have a lot more people interested in our site moving forward.So in all, we need to start recruiting more members and posting more information that keeps up with the flow of what's going on in the industry, and more specifically guides, tutorials, snippets, whatever that will grab the attention of people discovering these things. I have a lot of source code I've written at my disposal, so would like to start sharing that too.The reason I've spent a few days on trying to counter spam is because I need to keep productivity here flowing and reducing all our moderating teams effort so they too can contribute their knowledge.So any suggestions on cleaning up the forum, topics, etc. Maybe even rewording some of the sections, removing sub-categories, rearranging things, and even maybe just simplifying the forum as it seems it too could be too much information.It use to be a good idea to split things into categories, but I noticed that the changes to this is not sub-categories now, but tagged categories, which I believe is far better and can make things a lot simpler. You can keep the general section and there's no need to split them into sub categories as long as they get tagged correctly.Cheers,MC


This old post from OpaQue is still valid.

Search engines will always be bringing in potential members to us so we got to make sure our content is suited for the search engines which is why the main site I believe does need fixing, it just needs to be more clear on the who, what, when, where and why for Xisto.

However, on reading that post, I disagree on the part about review sites, even though this is not where most members had come from at that time, it is usually where most of the long term more serious members will come from. They want to experience the great experience that other reviewers experienced. A negative review, especially from the beginning of Xisto can over the course, deter over thousands of potential members. It's the long term effect it can have on us, which probably was not present since only a year had passed.

On another note, I didn't find me a bbcode editor, so I decided to write a rich text editor with the ability to export to BBCode format, specifically IPB BBCode as after it does what I need it to do, I do not want to improve, enhance, etc. So far it's coming along great and won't take that long to complete it. I'll soon be able to spit guides out as well as save them on my own hard drive. I even think that I'll release the code, exclusively from Xisto, that should grab some more attention here. Especially since I feel if I was looking for this and didn't find it, someone else will be looking for it too. Although I wasn't really looking that hard, always had the idea I was going to write it myself.