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What Does Your Boss Do All The Day?

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Recently, researchers asked the chief executives of 94 Italian firms to have their assistants record their activities for a week. here are the results--
The average Italian boss works for 48 hours a week and spends 60% of that time in meetings. The most diligent put in another 20 hours. And the longer they work, the better the company does.

Bosses often complain that they get bogged down in day-to-day operations. How much time they spend thinking about anything is hard to measure. But in an experiment, researches measured how often bosses use forward-looking words like âwillâ and âshallâ in their public statements. The result shows bosses spend only 3-4% of their day thinking about long-term strategy.

If the researches asked me, they might get another view-- bosses spend their morning squeeze ideas from employees, go meeting girl friend in the afternoon, serve wife and kids in the evening.

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