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How Many People Have Websites Earning More That 3000$ A Month

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on the Internet today there is a race to earn more and more money. But if you research on this topic you will find that about 90% of the uses or I should say the Webmasters have failed in their try to develop a full-time earning website. if you can find out how many websites on the on the Internet today over all and then calculate 10% of them you will still get a very high number. now what does this mean? this means that there is a wonderful opportunity on the Internet to make a full-time income but if you look at the figures that 90% of the total websites have failed to get their goal. This means that although there is an opportunity to make a full-time income from the Internet but this is not an easy one. A job having 90% failure rate and only 10% success rate is shortly a very difficult one. But believe me this is not as difficult as the figures tell us. The reason for such a high failure rate is the greed of becoming rich in a week time and this is not possible until you loot a bank. if all the Webmasters could have the patience and the tendency to do hard work similar to the 10% of bosses today that the figures would have been different. The reason I say it is that the Internet is full of opportunities and although there is a huge number of websites that are making good money there is still a lot of opportunities for the newcomers and they can become successful too