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How To Backup Iphone Contacts To Pc backup iPhone contacts and iPhone contacts photos

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Many iPhone users have been confused with how to backup your iPhone contacts to PC and transfer iPhone contacts photos to computer as well.

Now I'd like to share an easy way I've used several times. Proven easy.


All we need is to download this iPhone contacts backup software.

It can help iPhone users easily transfer & backup iPhone contacts and contact photos from iPhone to computer and view them on the computer.


With this handy iPhone contacts backup software, iPhone users can backup all iPhone contacts and contact photos from iPhone to computer in simplest steps. During transfer process, it enables iPhone users to choose whether to backup all iPhone contacts or a single contact. Moreover, iPhone users can choose whether to backup iPhone contacts into a TXT file or an ANTC file. In ANTC file condition, iPhone users can protect the file with a password to keep their privacy.


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Make sure you Free Download it to try first.


It will save you lots of time on this.


Here is the detailed guide on how to use it.


I found this is for windows pc. Is there one for mac?