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Microsoft And Competition What are your views of Microsofts stranglehold?

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As we are all aware, the Microsoft OS is by far the most popular in the world. It also comes packaged with (typically) Internet Explorer, Media Player, a trial for the latest edition of Office, Media Centre and MSN messenger amongst others. I'm sure the first thing you notice is that all these are Microsoft products.Microsoft have had several high profile court cases regarding the way all of products are packaged together and how other developers can frequently experience compatibility issues. With Microsoft being so dominate in the market there is no incentive for them to get better or improve. Look how many people hate Vista but don't really have an alternative, the most common being to opt for an Apple Macbook - which many people dislike too.I can see Google attempting to branch into the OS market soon, their web browser - Google Chrome - is sleek and stylish and proves Google know how to make a good interface. If Google do this and start to give consumers a CHOICE of OS when they buy a new PC or laptop then they could very quickly overtake Microsoft - but then how long will it be before someone levies the same criticism at Google?