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Best Mvc Framework

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Hi , well first I have to say that I a know a lot of programming in java, but I had arrived to a point that I want to make new things. I decided to jump to J2EE platform and create Web-Based program, I have been investigating and I got to the result of using a MVC framework, the question is which is the best, in terms of learning it with the aim of not to change to other framework one year later, because it is not complete or good enough to accomplish a certain goal. I know i'm not giving any sample of what i am seeking at, but that's the problem, I need the best MVC so I can do what ever I want with it. I am wondering if I should change to RUBY ON RAILS ...but I really don't want that, I love java. Well I hope that anyone can help me the soon as possible. Greetings, shotgun. ------------- OS:Windows Vista Ultimate Sp1 MD:Asus P5N-E CPU:2.40GHz/Intel Quad Core Q6600 RAM:Corsair Dual Channel 4GB 800Mhz VC:XFX GeForce 9800 GTX/512MB