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Need Help Please advice

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Hi all,Friends, it's my first time posting here and hope you will help me.Friends, my task is next: I have LAN with Windows 2003 server. Every user when they startup their computers on the desktop must appear IE shortcut where will special URL address which exactly URL ADDRESS i want to write... Hope you will help me...ThanksRegardsGiorgi


Did you means that you need to set a default IE home page that point to a url addresssyou specified ?If so, you should be able to use GPO to do that !I don't have windows 2000 / 2003 server here.You have to use Active Directory Users and Computers to do that with GPO editor.So, I open local GPO editor as an example.Please do a simalir action on windows 2003 server or by useing client administation tools for windows 2003 server.(Post reply if you don't know how to open GPO editor on server.)Start -> gpedit.msc -> User Configuration -> Windows Settings -> URLs -> Important URLsPlease let me know if it is solved you issues.