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Instant Replay Code? looking for a virtual 3D VCR

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Hello all,I've had this idea for a game in my head that would require keeping track of multiple variables over, say, a 1 week period.... So that means if I wanted to "fast forward" to Wednesday at 9:30pm, it could recall if an object was at x,y,z. Now, I know this would take up A TON of data, but with computers with 1 terabyte of Hard drive available, I figure we've reached the age where my game could be possible :mellow: What would be the best and most efficient way of doing this and in what language?I tried doing it with QBasic, and it could record and track up to 20 objects for an indefinite amount of time, with a very very small file size, but I tried it in C++ and the file was much larger for some reason.My ultimate goal is to implement this algorithm into a 3D setting, so that's something to consider when trying to pick a programming language. Any ideas?