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Need Help In Game Making blender

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ok i need someone to look up a game maker that i can down load it has to be like blender since i do not know how to program but if you do ty i need to make my own website with a bunch of games.


ok i need someone to look up a game maker[...]

TBH, you could have done that yourself. Anyways, I use this thing called Game Maker 7.0. Its really cool once you get to know how to do stuff. It might not be for you though since you don't know how to program. But if you join their forums, they have loads and loads of tutorials that you can follow, and then sooner or later you'll know how to program and make your game in less than 12 hours! :P


Yeah, its really good though, just give it a try. :(


Senor Grunt is correct, Game Maker 7.0 is extremely easy to learn, but also powerful. I learnt how to use it very quickly, though this may be because I had programming knowledge before. In my case, I jamp in, right into 3D programming without and previous pratice, and studied tutorials and examples. After that, the knowledge I gained made it possible for me to make a nice 3D engine. Since you don't seem to have much previous programming experiance, it may be more difficult for you, but not too hard.


I had literally .05% knowledge of programming, but now I'm good at it. :] The forums there help a lot, and all they user written and official tutorials help a bunch. Though, you do have to pay for the full version with the features that are used in most of the tutorials. It's only $20.00 though, its a good price for a video game maker of its capacity. I mean, with all the features and stuff, its just amazing. I haven't got into the 3D programming aspect of it yet, though. I'm currently having fun in the platform game area. ;]