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Why Isn't The "hosting Screened" Option Visible It is included in Trap but not in Asta

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Hi,Can some one tell me what to do if I want to "screen" a member's hosting application. I am sure Buffalo knows what I am talking about. It is visible in Trap but not here so I am guessing that it was not updated here? Anyway until OpaQue looks into this, can some one tell me what you do at Asta in regards to a member's hosting application.- Velma


Hi Velma,I did not create the multi-topic moderating shortcut for Xisto since I wasn't sure if it would benefit this forum. What I mean is since this forum is for professional like atmosphere that I thought it would create annoyance by creating more "stuff" to do around here.If Xisto moderators wish to have these shortcuts available administrators of Xisto can create one. Or perhaps we could vote on it. The shortcut is similar to APPROVED and DENIED pull-down menu found only in the application section. You'll need to go at the bottom of the post, beyond Similar Topics box.AstaHost moderators, at least one or two, have been commenting the approval by posting it and then making it invisible.