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Do Moderator Tutorials Automatically Become Visible?

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I just posted a tutorial in Programming on Python. As I understand the system, the tutorial stays hidden until someone releases it. However, it seemed to be visible, so I logged in as a guest, and found that it was indeed visible.If I'm breaking a rule, it is unintentional. If I should have done something to the post to keep it hidden, please explain what, because I will probably post more tutorials in the future.Thanks!


Moderators have the same permission mask as administrators in Xisto--except for ACP.Moderators' topics are automatically bypass the forum permission and over-ride any forbidden mask ;) You're not breaking any rule.


Of course, just for sportsmanship, we could imagine that you hide your topic (unapprove it) and wait until another mod approves it or deletes it... ;)


lol, just for fun? Wouldn't that just be like more clicks since we are moderators anyways? Publish then approve your own post ... lol; or bug another moderator to approve your post, even though you could've do it by yourself.xboxrulz