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Sorry, Big Mistake. May An Admin Help Me ? please

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Sorry, I did a big mistake.
I approved java-area hosting request, which was not my job.
May an admin have a look ?
The problem is here : http://forums.xisto.com/topic/94972-topic/?findpost=1064384299
May an admin create the account ?
I think it's not a risky operation, I think java-area should really be hosted.
However, this is not the point, the job should be done by an admin.
Please ?


Experimenting with multi-moderation, aren't we? ;)


No problem...Nothing happened! Simply replying to the post doesn't do anything with the hosting.I'll review the applications this weekend..vujsa


thanks a lot, vujsa.And, yes, pyost, experimenting with multi-moderation, you are right. ;)I did a second multi-moderation experiment for a guy having currently zero posts, hope I did no mistake.