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Spotting The One Line Spammer! They usually carry a large lighted sign to help you see them

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This might seem obvious to most of you but, sometimes we just don't notice...Lets start by explaining the problem. Tiny one line posts or pretty much anything under 25 words is SPAM here. It is a method new members use the get their credits up enough to get hosting! The problem is that these little posts look bad and don't encourage the discussion to progress. Additionally, since the posts are so small, they earn very few credits and as a result, the member has to post a lot of them!So, how to spot them?Well, when I log in each visit, the first thing I do is head for the bottom of the board to the recent topics and recent posts list. If a member is in more than half of the recent posts, then he is likely a one line spammer. I understand that sometimes this list doesn't change quickly but look at the guys posts, you'll see what I mean. If the user has 10 or more topics in the recent topics list, he is likely spamming with links or posting copied content. Again, take a look. Additionally, look to see how long the members has been a member. If he is averaging 3 or more posts per hour, he isn't writing very much or is doing copy and paste. At the very least, he probably is off topic because he didn't read any of the previous posts in the topic before he added his reply.I understand the one line and very small posts happen and on occasion, they are okay but a one line topic is trash. Members that usually don't post such limited content that occasionally post the one line reply is okay.If you catch a new member quick enough, you can save him a lot of time. explain that he should earn at least 1 credit per post and that the board average is around 3 credits per post. Explain that he earns the credits based on the amount of good content he posts!Finally, if you pay attention to this stuff and delete it early and deal with the member quickly, the job is a lit easier! How so, you might ask?If you catch the member on his 10th one line post, you only have 10 posts to delete and you are less likely to encounter replies to those posts which complicates the process since we don't want to disturb the natural flow of the discussion.If I find the problem when I'm reviewing the user's application for hosting, I may have 100 posts to delete with dozens of replies to orphan or delete.I can tell right away if someone is a one line spammer when I check his credits against his post count but, I always review all of the member's posts and topics in the process.vujsa


Very good point about monitoring the recent topics at the bottom. Thats actually the part of the page I usually have it open to for just that reason. It makes it VERY easy to pick out spammers relatively quickly and, as you mentioned, chopping them down before they get out of control. Obviously sometimes a user will just not pay attention to what they are doing and put up a quick one line response, and personally I'm ok with that. But yea, new members that post one liners quickly post a crapload of them trying to hit the 10 credits for hosting.The recent post section is our friend. Learn it. Love it. Buy it dinner.


Thanks for the explanation. I believe we have a textbook case on the board today.


Quantum.Byte joined today and posted a bunch of descriptions of software packages. If I select some text from his posts and do a google search with the text in quotes (so it has to be an exact match), I get lots of hits. He was warned by yordan here, but he continued, and now wants free hosting.


I haven't gotten to how we ban spammers, so I'll just pass this along. If you confirm my analysis (and probably yordan's as well), please expain 1. whether it is correct at this point just to ban him, and 2. how to do it.


What annoys me the most about these spammers, isn't about the 25 words or under word count, but they just copy and paste the post, plagiarize them and try to earn hosting credits for it. It is ridiculous!xboxrulz


Quantum.Byte added to the banned group!In the warning system, just select suspend for however many days and let me know about the user so I can change their group to banned!Be sure to either delete the topic / post or set it invisible / unapproved to prevent replies to it!vujsa